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Bricklaying is a craft that’s stood the test of time, and union bricklayers are integral to the construction industry. With their expertise in the art of laying bricks, union bricklayers not only contribute to the creation of sturdy structures but also play a significant role in shaping our urban landscapes. However, beyond the satisfaction of creating something tangible and enduring, the financial rewards of being a union bricklayer can be quite enticing. Union bricklayers often benefit from negotiated agreements that ensure fair compensation for their labor, providing them with a stable income and attractive earning potential. So, let's delve deeper into the world of union bricklayers and explore just how much they can earn through their skilled work.

How Much Do Union Bricklayers Make in NYC?

Union bricklayers in New York City earn an average hourly wage of $27.30 as of July 18, 202This figure reflects the standard rate of compensation for skilled bricklayers working under union agreements in the city. Union bricklayers play a crucial role in construction projects by meticulously laying bricks and blocks to construct walls, buildings, and other structures. Their expertise and precision are essential in ensuring the integrity and durability of the finished product. As unionized workers, these bricklayers enjoy certain benefits, such as job security, healthcare coverage, and retirement plans, which contribute to their overall compensation package. Union bricklayers typically undergo rigorous training and apprenticeships to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in their craft. Their expertise, combined with the high demand for construction projects in New York City, contributes to their competitive wages. These skilled workers often collaborate with other tradespeople, such as carpenters and electricians, to complete complex projects and contribute to the citys skyline.

Factors That Influence the Hourly Wage of Union Bricklayers in NYC

The hourly wage of union bricklayers in NYC can be influenced by various factors such as the level of experience, skill level, education, demand for bricklayers, and the cost of living in the city. These factors are commonly considered by employers and labor unions when determining the wages for bricklayers.

The International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 4 is known for offering competitive salaries to it’s employees. On average, the union pays a generous annual salary of $598,527, with salaries ranging from $515,623 to $693,495. These figures can vary due to various factors such as job position, department, location, as well as the individual’s skills and education level.

How Much Does Local 4 Operators Union Pay?

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4 is known for providing competitive salaries to it’s members. On average, members of this union can expect to earn an impressive annual salary of $598,52It’s worth noting that salaries within the union can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors.

While the lower end of the salary scale starts at $515,623, the upper end can reach as high as $693,49It’s important to understand that these figures aren’t fixed and are subject to change based on several variables. Factors such as job roles, departments, and geographical location can have a direct impact on salary levels.

Moreover, the individual skills and education possessed by each employee play a crucial role in determining their salary within Local Members who possess specialized skills or advanced degrees may have the opportunity to earn higher wages within their respective roles.

Local 4 operators union takes pride in offering competitive compensation packages to it’s members, acknowledging their contributions, and ensuring that their skills are valued. Through fair compensation, this union aims to uphold the interests of it’s workforce and promote a thriving operating engineers community.

Benefits and Perks Offered by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4 provides various benefits and perks to it’s members. These include healthcare, retirement plans, job security, and educational opportunities. Members also have access to specialized training programs and career advancement opportunities. The union advocates for fair wages, safe working conditions, and employee rights. These benefits and perks aim to improve the overall well-being of union members and ensure a prosperous future in the operating engineering industry.

Source: International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 4 Salaries


In conclusion, the earning potential of union bricklayers is influenced by a variety of factors such as experience, location, and industry demand. The extensive training and expertise required in this skilled trade, combined with the benefits and job security offered by union membership, contribute to their overall earning potential. It’s essential to consider that wages may vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions.

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