How to Repoint From 365 to SiteGround

In today's digital world, businesses and individuals alike are constantly seeking ways to optimize their online presence. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring that their website is hosted on a reliable and efficient platform. Microsoft 365 has long been a popular choice for hosting email accounts and managing office applications, but when it comes to hosting a website, many have found SiteGround to be a superior option. SiteGround's robust infrastructure, exceptional uptime, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive choice for those looking to repoint their website from Microsoft 365. By following a few simple steps, anyone can seamlessly transition their website from Microsoft 365 to SiteGround, ensuring a smoother, more reliable online experience for themselves and their visitors.

How Do You Point to SiteGround?

Pointing your domain to SiteGround can be done in two different ways – using SiteGround nameservers or an A record. Depending on your preferences and specific needs, you can choose the method that suits you best.

Once logged in, navigate to the Site Information section. This is where you’ll find the required nameservers that you need to configure.

Make sure to copy the given nameservers accurately and proceed to your domains DNS zone. Here, you’ll need to specify the nameservers that you obtained from SiteGround. This step connects your domain to your SiteGround hosting account.

It’s important to note that DNS changes may take some time to propagate across the internet. This means that it may take a while for your domain to fully point to SiteGround after making the necessary changes. Patience is key during this process.

This method involves creating an A record in your domains DNS zone and pointing it to the IP address of your SiteGround server. This is particularly useful if you want to maintain your current DNS setup but still host your website on SiteGround.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s recommended to reach out to SiteGrounds support team if you encounter any difficulties during the process. They’re available to provide guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth domain pointing experience.

How to Transfer a Domain From a Different Registrar to SiteGround.

  • Check if your domain is eligible for transfer.
  • Prepare your domain for transfer by ensuring it’s unlocked and has a valid email address.
  • Obtain an authorization code from your current registrar.
  • Start the transfer process with SiteGround by accessing the domain transfer section in your SiteGround account.
  • Provide the necessary information, including the domain name and authorization code.
  • Pay the domain transfer fee, if applicable.
  • Verify the email sent by SiteGround to confirm the transfer.
  • Wait for the transfer to be completed, which can take a few days.
  • Once the transfer is successful, update your domain settings and DNS records in your SiteGround account.
  • Test the new domain settings to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  • Cancel any services with your previous registrar, if desired.


It involves a series of steps such as setting up the new hosting environment, recreating email accounts, transferring website files, and configuring DNS settings. While this process can be complex and time-consuming, it allows for increased control, flexibility, and cost savings. By following the recommended best practices and seeking assistance from technical experts if needed, businesses can successfully repoint from Office 365 to SiteGround, enabling them to harness the full potential of their web hosting solution.

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