Is Old Asphalt Siding Brick Pattern Still Available Today?

In the world of construction and home renovation, certain building materials have experienced ebbs and flows in popularity over the years. One such material is old asphalt siding with a delightful brick pattern, which holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the vintage charm and character it adds to a property. This unique siding option, reminiscent of a bygone era, continues to captivate homeowners and preserve the aesthetics of traditional architecture. Despite it’s age, the demand for old asphalt siding with a brick pattern has managed to endure the test of time, leading to it’s availability even in modern times. It’s enduring appeal speaks volumes about the timeless allure of classic designs and their ability to seamlessly blend into both historical and contemporary settings.

What Is the Old Siding That Looks Like Brick?

This type of siding, commonly referred to as asphalt brick siding or brick veneer siding, was often used to give homes the appearance of being made of brick without the expense and labor involved in building with actual bricks. It was typically installed on wooden or aluminum siding to achieve the desired look.

While it may have been a popular choice in it’s time, asphalt brick siding has largely fallen out of favor in recent years due to the availability of more advanced and durable materials. Vinyl and polyurethane siding options now offer better durability, resistance to weathering, and ease of maintenance compared to asphalt brick siding.

Over time, the asphalt can crack or deteriorate, especially if it isn’t properly maintained. Repairs can be challenging as finding a perfect match for the existing siding can be difficult, and it may be challenging to source replacement panels.

While it can provide a more cost-effective alternative to real brick, it lacks the same level of visual appeal and longevity.

However, advancements in materials have made vinyl and polyurethane alternatives more favorable due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

Alternative Methods of Achieving a Brick-Like or Textured Appearance on Siding Without Using Asphalt Brick Siding.

  • Stone veneer siding
  • Fiber cement siding with an embossed texture
  • Wood siding with a board-and-batten design
  • Stucco siding with a textured finish
  • Vinyl siding with a shake or shingle design
  • Metal siding with a rusted or weathered look
  • Brick veneer siding

Asphalt building siding gained popularity in the 1930s as an alternative to painting weathered or rotted wood siding. It’s appeal grew in the following decades, specifically the 1940s and 1950s, as it became a popular choice for both cost-effective housing and covering deteriorated exteriors in North America.

When Was Asphalt Siding Used?

Of existing buildings. The use of asphalt siding continued to grow throughout the mid-20th century, especially during the post-war construction boom. It’s durability and low maintenance requirements made it an attractive option for homeowners and builders alike.

One of the key benefits of asphalt siding is it’s resistance to moisture damage. This made it particularly popular in regions with high humidity or frequent rainfall.

The material is less likely to catch fire compared to wood siding, providing an added layer of protection to buildings. This fire-resistant property was especially appealing in areas prone to wildfires or where fire safety regulations were stringent.

Novik’s Faux Brick exterior siding is a popular choice for those wanting to replicate the stunning appeal of brick without the heavy costs and installation difficulties. With it’s impressive range of four color options, these wall panels effortlessly bring a natural and dignified charm to any residential or commercial exterior.

Is There Brick Looking Siding?

Is there brick looking siding? Yes, there is! Noviks Faux Brick exterior siding provides a fantastic solution for individuals who want to bring the stunning appearance of brick to their project. With it’s realistic design and texture, this siding option offers a remarkably authentic look without the need for actual bricks. Available in four attractive and genuine color choices, these wall panels have the ability to add a natural and stately look to any home or business exterior.

Designed with durability in mind, this siding is made to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that the beauty of it’s brick-like facade remains unaltered over time.

Unlike real bricks, these panels are lightweight and designed for easy installation, allowing for a hassle-free and efficient project completion. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, the simple installation process of this siding option makes it an excellent choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

It’s four attractive color choices offer ample opportunity for customization, allowing you to select the shade and tone that best complements your desired aesthetic.

With it’s realistic design, durability, ease of installation, and versatility, this siding solution provides a natural and stately look to any home or business exterior, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your project.


Despite the emergence of newer materials and siding options, the nostalgic charm and timeless appeal of the brick pattern have sustained it’s demand in the market.

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